Sale completed

I am selling this toon with a fabulous name

Can sit in a Nyx and not offline all your mods. Can fly a Thanny pretty decently

Thanny/Nyx Pilot
Basic Implants
Light Fighters IV
Heavy FIghters IV’s

Starting bid: 15B
Buyout: 20B

i’ll give you 15 bil as a b/o

Redact my offer… saw the heap of only lvl4 skills. goodluck… really sweet name though

7b for mediocre carrier
nothing for nyx here. its cant use bombers, JDC 4 and etc…

15B will be accepted if no further bids are made in the next 24hrs

Nyx sitter ready to roll. Buyout has been withdrawn

10b because I like the name

Thankyou sir. Threw a few injectors in to get fighters up to a decent level. SP now at 15.5M

18B。。。。if you accept you can recieve isk right now

Buyout accepted of 18 Billions

OK,which character you recieve isk?

Send isk to this toon please as per the rules

isk transfer and account info send mail

char transferred


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