32.1mill Sp Thanny/Nyx? Pilot for sale

This character is for sale
Negative sec status at -1.7
Has 1 killright that is available for another 11 days
Can fly Thanny/Nyx
Currently working on Captial Ships V and finishes in 16d
Can fly Legion and a variety of other sub caps
Currently Located in Gamis but can move
Positive Wallet
Taking offers

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20b is my offer

22b is my offer

Thanks for offer guys! Looking for a bit more though.


28b is my offer

Bid has been noted. If I don’t get any higher will accept your offer as long as your stays valid.

Will buy for 30 but i need 10 days to make the isk ready.

Great offer but cannot wait 10 days…if it’s not sold by then I will accept. Daily bump. I have updated the sp amount from the free weekend.

Bump Bump Bump

will do 29b

Bump bump

Bump. Looking for 30b b/o

30 billion ISK right here. I can have the ISK ready in 24 hours or less.

Offer accepted. Just confirm when you send the isk and i will start transfer

Isk and account info sent. Nice doing business with you!

Transfer has been initiated. o7 friend

Thank you again! o7

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