WTS a basic nyx pilot with 18m SP


PW: 123

Positive wallet, no any kill rights,
able to fly NYX
ablet to use T2 heavy and light fighters

B/O: 20.5B
Starting Bid : 15B

not rush to sell

selling myself

12B is valid within 24 hours

its too low man, 12B for 18M SP? commonly 1B for 1M

Your link is invalid.

i tried to enter the link again and its still valid… are you typed the wrong pw?

abstract: G carrier 4, able to use T2 heavy and light fighter. JDC 3, training to 4 currently

keep my account in mind :smiley:

Can you download your link? I can’t open your original link.

i contact you in-game?

No, I want to see your account skills.


could you open it?

15B offer

16B is valid within 24 hours

offer accepted, waiting for isk transfer

OK …

16B ISK has entered T’Challa Panther, waiting for the transfer role

isk received, will transfer the toons by plex now

request of toons transfer sent.