WTS NYX pilot 24,9 m sp SOLED

WTS NYX Pilot 25b
24,9 m Sp
postiv wallet
for offers pm here or ingame

Can offer 18 bil.

18 bil not enough

19 bil

offer 19,5 bil

19.7 bil

20 bil. Please post with the nyx char to confirm it is yours

Its my nyx char
Marco Gerdts

please let me know if you accept my 20B offer, I have the isk ready right here right now gogogo

20,3 bil

20.5 bill

21 bil.

21.5 billion

friendly bump

21.7 bil

22 billion

22,3 bil

Waiting for more offers until sunday the highest bidder gets the char

25 bil buyout if you sell it right now, have the isk ready. If you accept the offer I will send you the isk and account details inmediately ingame

22,5 billion