WTS 147M Nyx pilot


147M good Nyx pilot
2M SP unallocated
1 remaps available

  • No kill rights
  • Character in NPC corporation
  • Positive wallet
  • Security Status: 2.24
  • Character in Jita
  • Jump clones: 1 with high grade amulet

starting bid: 100 Bil
b/o: 130 Bil

auction ends 5 may at 15:00 eve time

105b offer

110b offer

111b offer

112B offer

2 days left

its been a long time. lets start trading. isk realy to go

113b offer

114B offer

115b offer

116B offer

120b offer

Auction ends.
120b accepted. Waiting isk. Please send me ingame mail with transfer data.

ISK sent. In game mail also sent. You can initiate transfer.

ISK received. Please wait for transfer.

Was transfer initiated?

Sorry for delay.
There is technical problem, I sent petition #2213520
Waiting for support

Ok. Please keep me posted as to progress.

Transfer completed.

Character received. All good.