61.3M SP Nyx Pilot

Nyx Pilot for sale, has all the relevant skills
High Grade Amulet set
600k unallocated skillpoints

Starting Bid: 50B
Reserve: Hidden
B/O: 60B

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Bump :cowboy_hat_face:

offer 43b

Looking for more than extraction value, bump.

Bump :cowboy_hat_face:

Bump :cowboy_hat_face:

offer 50b

now i can provide 55b for this

Reserve met.

Auction ending in 24 hours.

Current leading bid: Sventovitt, 55b

isk sent to whom

ISK ready wait for translate

confirm email and name has sent to u and i hope u can start to transfer ASAP and i don’t know who should i send the isk to,I had wait for 2 days , pls DO NOT waste both your and my time

Send isk to this character, confirming ill start transfer asap. Appologies for the delay.

isk sent wait for transferM}WJXJZ59)SZIS{M8N_6ZW

Transfer started

character receive ty

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