WTA Nyx sitter

(Malcon Reenus) #1


the pilot is for sale. Basic nyx sitter.

Eveboard (PW: juicy)
Basic set of Implants

  • Clean killboard history.
  • Clean standings.
  • No killrights/Positive wallets/All ccp rules apply etc.
  • Rather short player corp history.
  • Located in Jita.

Start: 5b (lower offers are considered as free bumps in advance).
The auction will last for a week or till a hidden buyout is met.

(Anne Tivianne) #2

How much training needed before it can do Thanatos ratting?

(St Aphrodite) #3

6b offer, How much is your buyout?

(Anne Tivianne) #4

6.5B, willing to buyout

(Anne Tivianne) #6

7.5B B/O

(St Aphrodite) #7

8B offer :sunglasses:

(Anne Tivianne) #8

8.5B B/O

(Malcon Reenus) #9

im ready to accept a 9b b/o now

(Anne Tivianne) #10


(St Aphrodite) #11

9B offer

(Malcon Reenus) #12

Ok, send isk & ingame mail with acc info. ill login shortly

(St Aphrodite) #13

who get this?

(Anne Tivianne) #14

Good question :smiley:

(Malcon Reenus) #15

Anne was technically first. I see no isk yet tho. If you want to to bid a little more, i definitely dont mind.

(Anne Tivianne) #16

Consolidating ISK now

(St Aphrodite) #17

9.5B offer.

(Malcon Reenus) #18

Deal. Awaiting isk & acc info.

(Anne Tivianne) #19

Ah, come on

(St Aphrodite) #20

Within 5mins.

(Anne Tivianne) #21

9.6B offer