21.5mil nyx pilot

Selling my nyx pilot skill board link below
Unable to pay transfer fee as of now, but will drop price by isk amount equal too transfer price

18 bil

Deal accepted sending transfer request now

isk sent , account information given. Solved pretty fast , thanks a lot.

Currently having issues, trying to resolve them now. Have a resource loading on the bottom of the screen but launcher says everything’s done. Trying to fix asap


Ticket submitted will reply when it’s in transfer from gm

Gm says that you already have 3 characters on the account. You’ll have to move one or delete one before being able to transfer he says

Or provide another account, which you can either pm me in game or send me on here (here would be faster)

account is ready to get transferred.

Still have the account? Interested in buying

Submitted, waiting on reply. Shouldn’t be too much longer. Thank you for your patience!

Gm says it’s transferred and okey has been removed. Let me know when you get this. Thanks again for the sale and safe flying!

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