WTS 21M NYX Thanatos focused Pilot

I am looking to sell this character named Thomas A- Anderson

link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Thomas_A-_Anderson

skilled 21m SP pilot supercarrier focused pilot

can fly Thanatos and Nyx
T2 fighters available in 5 days)
232595 unallocated sp
5.0 safe point
located in jita
now in NPC corp
no kill right

one more point, this character is created by the character Neo( the leading role of movie《The Matrix》), including name and avatar, it is a great pilot :slight_smile:

start bid: 18B
B/O: 25B

I am confirm for sale :slight_smile:

i’m interested, contact me IG to talk about it

yes sir, please reply your offer

I started 15 b


20b b/o

thank you for your offer. but B/O is 25b, but you are the highest for now. :smiley:

21B,but the isk need wait 1-2days

just going to put it out there, whilst all good that it can fly a nyx, if i was to strip it down to sell for injectors i would only get 24 billion, your buyout is therefore too high, also your armor skills, shield skills, drone skills and mostly all your required skills for a pvp nyx (as most are) are very lacking, meaning whoever does buy it has to train it up for months anyway to make it useful.

this nyx was uesed as a isk machine, basically don’t pvp. just pve

my price is negotiable, but i will stick to forum’s plan, choose a highest offer.

for now the latest and valid offer is 21b. thanks for your advice @ cretan Audeles

@ guaguagua one you offer has been accepted, please send me your account info and ISK and i will begin to transfer

The isk and account will send to Menza in 24 hours.

good, i am looking forward to it

Sorry,I need a week to prepare the isk,and i will pay 22.5b for compensation。Thank you for your permission。


I already gave you the isk,andI i would like to transfer the role to the payment account

yes sir, please send me your account info

And I am sorry for the delay, i didn’t go online these few days

Transfer will be initiated tonight

I need your payment character’s login username to begin transfer, if you had already offered, please ignore