WTS 20M SP Nyx, Thanatos / Hel, Nidhoggur Pilot


(Leona Tranquillita) #1

20 Million SP
Gal/Min Carriers
Amarr DST/BR Transport Ships
Light fighters 4
Heavy fighters 4
Rorqual Skills injected

Located in highsec
Positive sec status
in NPC corp
No killrights
Obviously this character will have 0 ISK

password: 1234

B/O 24 Bil

WTB Carrier Pilot!
WTB Gal or MIN Carrier pilot
WTB Entry level PvE Gal/Min Carrier pilot
WTB Hel Pilot
(Kamel Fera) #2

18b for the Pilot.

(Reavan Beldrulf) #4

ill off you 20

(Leona Tranquillita) #5


(Arva Tinuviel) #6

if the sale doesnt happen, i also would bid 20b

(Bowman Amouh) #7

will bid 21b

(Leona Tranquillita) #8

No response from Reavan, higher offer from Bowman. Bowman it’s yours for 21B. send isk and account info

(Bowman Amouh) #9

It’s going to be a few hours until I can get to a computer, if that’s okay.

(Hang Tang) #10

22b bay out

(ISD Sakimura) #11

@Leona_Tranquillita you’re missing some vital information in regards to the Wallet, please update your post with this and your sales post is as it should be.

Thank You :slight_smile:

(Leona Tranquillita) #12


(Bowman Amouh) #13

22.5 I have school lol

(Leona Tranquillita) #14

Okay, Bowman is alive, and for 22.5B it’s his

(Bowman Amouh) #16

ISK has been sent

(Leona Tranquillita) #17

ISK recieved, Character Transfer started

(Bowman Amouh) #18

Character recieved, thanks dude.

(system) #19

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