WTS 18.7M SP Hel / Nyx Pilot

Hello, fellow capsuleers! I am up for sale.

eveboard link : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Arora_Osia
PW : 123

Specialized Nyx/Hel pilot with T2 fighter skills, Nyx ship Lv3 and Hel Lv4. perfect for your ISK printing needs!

Sec. statue 5.01
No assest
No Kill right
3 Jump clones available
+5 Implants except charisma
2 Bonus remaps

Currently offering 18b, ISK directly to this character, please. I will be responsible for paying the transfer fee, as per CCPs regulation.

Please reply in this thread if you are interested.


15B mi offert

16 billions

17 Billons

17.5 billions

18b b/o

18.5 billions

19b isk

19.5 billions

20b bid

20.5 my offer

Thx everyone for the offer. I’ll keep this topic for 24hrs then end with the highest offer.

21bil offer

21.5 B

22 billions

22 B accepted. Would you please send ISK and account info to Arora Osia via in-game mail? Will initiate transfer as soon as ISK is received.

details and isk sent

thank you

ISK receiving confirmed, transferring now


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