WTS 115 M SP toon : all races perfect (Nyx perfect) BO 90 bil

Hello, guys!

Check me out! I am good and precious as gold! haha

All races perfect, can fly Nyx perfectly

Strong skills for pvp/pve

Pilot is ready to fly gallente carrier, and gallente dreadnought and interceptors as well.

Toon is in high sec, with clean security status, wallet is empty. As Ccp rules applies, char moved to npc corp. 3 jump clones, no kill rights. Implant set is installed.

I am looking to get at least 95 bil isk

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How about 90 bil? isk ready

Thank you for the offer. However, 95 is the lowest what I am ready to accept. If you could raise your bid, let me know

I am sorry, can spend only 90 bil. If you change your mind let me know


I changed my mind and can sell for 90 bil if you still want the char

90b so cheap. good deal:D

Yes, I prefer to get more, but bazaar is so inactive these days, only have one bid for almost 2 days

My offer 91B

You were first to offer bo. I would like to make a deal with you. Please send me isk and account info

Ok, I will have a look after DT and initiate transfer. Thank you

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