WTS 117 M SP all arounder toon

Amazing cross-functional pilot! :grinning:


  • Gunnery and Missiles highly developed
  • Navigation learned in V
  • Black ops / Marauder / Cruiser / Battleship all in V

3 Jump Clones: Harerget, Jakanerva, Lanngisi
No kill rights
Sec Status is clean
Wallet contains 17 ml isk
2 Bonus Remaps Available
Current location: Harerget (high sec)
Installed implants

B.o 107 bil isk
Current highest bid: 105 bil

95 bil. Toon is 116,227,749 sp + 256,000 unallocated

Thank you for bidding. However, 95 is not what I am really looking for. I checked skills, it shows 117 ml sp in game

Could be the ESI thingy going bananas so you might be right. This is what i see so far


yeah, also my laucnher is lagging showing as there are no players online, got same thing?

God dont get me started on the launcher…

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eveskillboard updated, 117 ml sp. New b/o 115 bil

96 Billion

97 bill

98 bil

B/o is reduced 110 bil

99 bill

101B offer

Auction is going to its end. B/o 107 bil. Dont miss the chance.

I may be away at the time this ends, but I’ll be home in the evenings

105bo online now

107B buyout offer

107 bil b/o confirmed.

I apologize, I need to retract my offer for the moment. About to acquire a higher SP character. Let me know if willi doesn’t reply to you, and I should have the isk again in a day or two

ok, still on the auction then, 107 bil b/o , current highest offer 105 bil