WTS 78.5 Ml Sp Pilot

Hello, my friends.

Alas I am selling my dude, my toon.

Skills can found here https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/WoodsGoblin

He is very skillfull pilot, all dreds V, gallente marodeur, all fregates coverts barges and orca. All drones, missiles almost at V ( Gunnery 10.5 ml ; Missiles 9 ml ; drones 5.8 ml )

3 Jump Clones, No kill Rights, Wallet is empty, sec status 1.3, one bonus remap available,

I am asking not to give lowballing bets. Minimal bid 60 bil!

I’ll offer your base 60

Can you give me 65 bil?


bump, b/o 65 bil

Sorry, IRL got to me. atm I can only offer the 60. Looking for a character to become a new “main” for the first time on these forums in years :slight_smile:

I give it some thought and decide to sell my princess to you for 60 bil. I confirm our deal.

<3 Isk and account name sending from the character “Vandermark”

Edit: Isk and account name now sent, just let me know when you initiate the transfer

will be done tomorrow, I am already not at pc

any update? Just want to check in and see

I am working on it now, as I found out trasnfer can be done with plex, so I wouldnt spend cash

Cool, hadn’t seen anything so didn’t know what to think. Just let me know when your ticket is in so I can start to expect it in the account

It’s been a week now, I have gone ahead and filed a petition since I have received 3 other characters in the time it has taken me to wait for this one.

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