(wts) 74 m sp character (good at pvp, industry and mining)


Total number of SP: 74,955,158

As of skills it is worth mentioning that pilot got Minmatar Battleship/Cruiser developed in 5 and ready to fly Machariel and Typhoon, Rattle

Along with that, Caldari industrial 5 and industrial command ships 3 and ORE industial 3

All shields and armor 5

Toon located in high sec
Npc corp
No kill rights
4 Jump clones
Positive sec status and wallet

BO 70 bil

60 bil here

61 bil

63 bil

can he make drugs?

He is lack of some skills for that I am afraid

In one day auction finishes, I will choose the highest bid
Best bid till now 63 bil

last chance to put a bid

Confirming my bid.


@Le_Oumis Is it a bid? If you bid 64, you win, otherwise winner is @Maizie_Fields. Let me know within next whole day.

One day passed, no answer from @Le_Oumis . Going further, I am accepting @Maizie_Fields bid (63b)

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I have contacted you in game regarding details of the transfer. ISK and account information will be sent upon your reply.

Awaiting in game reply.

Placing a 48 hour hold on the process. Travelling/away from game from now until late Thursday. I will be happy to resume the closing process when I return if you have not elected to proceed with other arrangements.

Just returned home from work, it is pitty that you are going to miss two days, I guess I will choose someone else then

Anyone could match 63 bil?

Could you match 63?

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When will you be on today? I havent sold the toon yet, no buyers respond

i Can bid 63 have isk ready

63.5 bil ready