(wts) 74 m sp character (good at pvp, industry and mining)

Bid 64b on behalf of Maizie. She will be back in about 6 hours.

64.5 bil

if your offer is still in force, I accept 64.5 bil

It is indeed. I will be home in c.3 hours to make the transfer.

64 was my top. Congrats to Gattanera.

how it goes?

no answer from another buyer for 10 hours, wanna do for 64 bil?

is theere anyone who ready to make a deal now?

Are you still interested?

yes i am

your highest bid?

i am still at work. if you find noone we can talk in 6-7 hours

Hold up! I’ve sent the ISK yesterday - check your eve-mail and account… how is this no answer?

I didnt log in the game, you said transfer in 3 hours and nothing else

OK. It’s all there anyway

Can you start the transfer? I haven’t received the confirmation e-mail.

Skillboard revoked. Check receiving account, character may have been transferred by PLEX; or may be indicative of a scam.

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