Wts 51 ml pvp pilot

(Tir Skirnir) #1

I would like to sell pvp focused pilot with 51 ml sp


Toon is in npc corp now, have some millions of isk on the wallet. No remaps available. The pilot has also developed trading skills.
I am looking for no less than 37b. I could extract it, but I dont want to do it. He is a nice pilot, and I am sure someone will find use of him. As of buyout, I am not greedy, so let it be 45b

Forgot to mention sec status is 2.7

WTS 105 ml sp sub pilot
WTS 105m SP Super/JF/Dread/FAX pilot
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(Maizie Fields) #2

42 bil

(Kasai Dasai) #3


(Tir Skirnir) #4

Seems like your bid is going to win. Let us wait for a bit. If no one else offers more, I ll be glad to accept your offer

(Tir Skirnir) #5

As no one bids any higher, I should congratulate you with winning this auction. Let me know when you are online to perform the deal

(Kasai Dasai) #6

Hey, I would be available in about 10 hours, need to see if I won the other auction I was bidding on, if not, I will be sending you the money and begin the transaction.

(Tir Skirnir) #7

Cool, I sent you a message in game, waiting for your reply and we can start

(Kasai Dasai) #8

Hey, terribly sorry, but I won the other character that I wanted, so I have to retract my bid. My sincere apologies.

(IChooseYou) #9


(Maizie Fields) #10

Confirming 42 bil

(Tir Skirnir) #11

Confirmed. Selling to Maizie Fields for 42b

(Maizie Fields) #12

Sending ISK and account info now…

(Tir Skirnir) #13

isk received

(Brock Khans) #14

@Maizie_Fields did this start?

(Maizie Fields) #15

It’s a good thing I keep my character ledger in pencil. A lot of erasing going on lately…

Tir, please advise on the status of the transfer.

(Brock Khans) #16

Exact same terrible grammar and spelling in WTS 105 ml sp sub pilot as well. Methinks its the same scammer

(Maizie Fields) #17

Confirmation of transfer not received.

Support ticket has been filed.

(Brock Khans) #18

Eve board shows character drained of SP

(Queen Darklighter) #19

Another scammer in Indy toon for sale
These guys now do not rush the auction.

(Maizie Fields) #20

Wow. Well, as a matter of procedure, I take a screen shot of each character that I buy for the record. Got a pic of him as originally advertised, fwiw…

@ QD… that’s one of the reasons I took a chance on this one. Auction wasn’t rushed and communication in-game leading to the sale was pretty good. Their tactics are evolving!