WTS 105 ml sp sub pilot


Here is my eveboard http://eveboard.com/pilot/D3adly_B0n3s

Location: high sec
Sec status 5.0
1 remap available
No jump clones

Message me if have any questions

I am looking for about 80 bil


Judging by the wording, spelling, terrible grammar of this post and all the other scam post in the last week, most recently it appears to be Wts 51 ml pvp pilot

This is a scam. I’ve flagged for ISD review

Dont know what are you talking about, crazy man

Love you long time

What about my language? I put everything clear

I agree with Brock - this appears to be another scammer.

You can think whatever you want. ISD please remove these accusing comments

Agreed with them - Another scammer appeared.

Please provide proofs

You are all paranoic. I am sorry that you are being scammed everyday but your comments are ridiculous.

Toon is still for sale, 80 bil price

you are willing to accept 80b as price?

yes, I do

Please stop putting your stupid thoughts here. @ISD_Sakimura remove all these posts pls from my selling thread

Ready to start trasnfer immediately if anyone want to buy

bump, 80 b/o

You just scammed with the other character on this account and now you have a very short window to sell this guy before CCP locks down the account. That’s why you are desperate and selling this character 15bil under extraction value. Right?

Seriously though, how many more accounts do you have to burn through?

Please stop talking nonsence! 15 b under extraction value? You are bad at math

If you have no proofs, I am asking you not to post your stupid comments here anymore