<sold>WTS Nyx focused pilot 45mil sp\pure madness

Its pure Galante super pilot. Has Nyx on Mastery4, full pvp Nyx as well/ratting.
Also, it’s trained to be able to fly bomber and ceptor to have some fun in pvp subcap fleets.
It has Amulet set clone as well, its at PH space, which is easy to pick up, same as training clone.
Carrier at 5, heavy fighters at 5 and so on.
Also, it’s able to fly Amarr super as well. Amarr carrier is at 4, there is difference in resistance between these two, lool .
Place ur offers.
Ofc nab offers are not going to be looked at. Enjoy checking skillboard
13days for capital to 5, which is close to Erebus as well.


huge no to that

35bill offer

45bil starting bid,

eh not worth it, retracted i guess

no ty. its to low

good luck getting more, that offer is above extract cost, and thats all toons are worth these days in the low to middle SP market, ill up it to 38bill but thats my B/O

nope. Ty for the offer.

40B for it

I’ll bid 41b


waiting for more, but i will consider this as well. Current max bid is 42b by spacedemolisher.

If nothing happens by the end of the week, we will see

43 Bil

waiting for more, will see what happends by the end of the week


I decided to put b/o,its 50bil

I cancel,good lucky

ok 50b cash b/o