WTS Nyx /Aeon Super Pilot 50mil SP

Hi, I’m selling this super pilot due to lack of use these days.

  • 50 mil SP
  • Heavy Fighters LVL 5
  • Perfect Armor and most Shield Skills to LVL 5
  • JDC LVL 5
  • High Grade Slave / Amulet Pod


45 Bil isk happy for a quick sale

33 bill

Needs To be higher than that, but thanks for your interest though

55 is unrealistic. You know there are currently 3 dedicated Nyx pilots for sale?

Sorry my bad it was ment to be 45 bil not 55

35 Bil ISK ready

36 bill

40 bil and she’s yours!

Daily Bump

37 billion interstellar kredits


Wow nice bid increment. 37.6 bil :dizzy_face:


Shes your for 38 Bil if you send the isk over i will start the transfer for you.


Money sent Account transfer info sent

Thanks you for the money transfer, I currently dont see the transfer account info details anywhere.

Check your mail. :slight_smile:

Transfer made Should be with you shortly.

Thanks :grinning:

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