WTS Great aeon/nyx pilot 51m sp

(Aeoyn) #1

Great aeon/nyx pilot 51m sp


HG Slave set

Aeon Sarum SKIN (Permanent)

Neural remap available now

bonus remap available 1

Positive wallet

Positive Security Status

Located in Jita

I pay the transfer fee.

start price 45b

B/O: 49b

(Taras Berzerk) #2


(Seller Girl) #3

46.5 B/O online and isk ready

(Aeoyn) #4

Seller Girl offer accepted please send isk and mail with account info you wish me to send it to.

(Seller Girl) #5

Isk and mail sent

(Aeoyn) #6

Im having a issue with tranfering the charater has there no 2xplex option at the moment. i did see this on the forums.

currently unavailable as there are issues with the plex transfer system. If you have 1000 plex in your plex vault, you could ask via a support ticket for a gm to remove the plex and transfer the pilot. But that decision is up to CCP.

i could try and contact a gm to see if they can trasfer the toon over to you or can refund your isk.

(Seller Girl) #7

Contact a gm and see if we can get it transferred, if we cant then just refund the isk.

(Aeoyn) #8

ok bud

(Aeoyn) #9

Hi, GM

I can transfer a character manually for you. Such transfers cost 1000 PLEX.

Just to confirm this before I complete the transfer. Do you wish to transfer Aeoyn to a new owner

Best Regards,
CCP Customer Support | EVE Online | EVE Valkyrie

has been confirmed.

(Seller Girl) #10

thanks I await the transfer. pleasure doing business

(Seller Girl) #11

character received thanks

(Aeoyn) #12

nice doing business with u

(system) #13

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