WTS 55m pvp and Capital pilot for sale

for sale!

pvp pilot


Galent dreadnought
Galent + Minmatar T3

positive wallet
all ccp rules apply

start 50b

44 bil

Daily bump

45 bil. Online now to do the deal.

45.5b isk ready

46 bil

46.5 bil

daily bump

daily bump

min 50 )

daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

50b b/o offer stands untill I wake up tomorrow (08.00 Evetime)

accept, send isk and acc name/

I overslept, 1 second and I will :slight_smile:

Isk and Account details sent

sold to Bananaboat Blues get isk and acc info’will start transfer when back from work

I assume you’ve initiated transfer? :slight_smile:

can’t start transfer. ticket to GM has been open. waiting to the answer. 1000 plex on toon.