WTS 76M SP Carrier/Dread/SubCap PvP Pilot

SOLD 49 Billion

40 b offer

I firesold my last character, not gonna happen again sorry…

I will accept nothing less than 50

41B OK?

not accepting less than 50 Billion isk…

Bumpidy bump

43B is valid for 24 hours

48 Billion Isk

45B is the best I can do,If not, forget it.

I don’t have any more ISK, only 45B

I will consider it it over the next 6 hours I will let you know

I Nah man can’t do it sorry

What’s your minimum?

For you, I will take 48 Billion, considering thats all you got, but I really need 50 billion

I don’t have 48bs, but I only have 46,47 ships for sale.

that 2 bill matters to me, I am already cutting myself short at 48 billion, its the best I can do but this toon won’t sell right away so you have time if you want to buy it later

if I was to offer 48 - how does the account transfer part take place?

You would send this character an eve mail with the account name I am to transfer it to and you would send the 48 billion to this character, I would then confirm it and then pay the transfer fee and transfer it to your account…all this is supervised and guaranteed by CCP… It takes 10 hours for the transfer is complete but I am ready to do it now

I would really appreciate it if you could do 49-50 billion isk man its a fair price and I really need it.

I’ll pay the 49 but no more