74mil sp pilot 52 b

I am for sale
Npc corp, no kill rights, possitive wallet, possitive sec status, no jump clones, locate in high sec
All other info in link
52b bo

52 bil il buy right now

are you gonna pay for the transfer?

Yes ill pay of cause for it, i can do transfer in few hours, you can send isk and info now, or wait till i come to pc

Can do 50bil now

Thx but ill wait a little i want 52 bill

I will offer 50.5b

eve mail me if u wanna sell it for that…

Ok ill accept this.

if you haven’t accepted yet I’ll offer 51 :slight_smile:

Great ill be online in 20 mins to transfer isk and account

Isk sent and account name supplied

Please post here you have started the account transfer

Still no word from seller they have begun transfer and request was sent asking how they were transfering.

51b offer still stands, if seller changes his mind

ISk and account details sent ingame to seller

U shouldnt send isk the deal has still been done he just finally responded.

He has petitioned ccp using plex

To you or to me?

He replied that he accepted my offer, since I offered 51b over your 50.5 or w/e

Already sent isk & details, so I expect a refund or a character :slight_smile:

Interesting then he better refund me my isk

Typical they accept get isk and account info then reneg on deal because of transfer via plex

Have requested isk to be returned to me.

No contact from seller in 22 hours from isk sent.

Petition filed to ccp requesting isk back… hope u get the toon or isk back bananaboat