WTS Focused PVP pilot 63Mill

Selling my pvp toon http://eveboard.com/pilot/Gilgadroll

Setup with probing implants.

Positive sec status,will be in Jita, no killrights, positive wallet
Starting bid 50b … message me here or by evemail for buyout. No lowball offers pls.
Buyout: 55bill Quick deal

*edit: reduced buyout for fast sale.


48,5 bill


49.5 bil


Bump Sale ending today

50,5 Bil

Closing in 2 hours from now

2 hours passed)

was posted at 4:27 pm so technically not yet … but closing anyway… u got it Damn PiratKa… just clearing of assets and will move my char into NPC corp for transfer

good as to let me know you’re ready

Managed to close the corp … so in npc corp again…

You did not carefully read the rules?:slight_smile:

are you ingame ?
should be ready to trade.

you are ready to sell today?

yes managed to close the corp so the char is in npc corp ready for transfer

well, the money and the name to send to Gilgadroll?

Send isk and name of account to gilgadroll

name and isk sent mail