Sale focused Gila pilot 6.4mil SP

Posting with the right toon this time.

T2 light & medium drones, T2 light missiles.

Positive isk wallet
No killrights
NPC Corp
+4 implants (no charisma)

4.0b would buyout.

Price checking right now but will sell for the right price to make it worth the $ transfer fee.

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I will try  3.1B

4B isk

Accepted. Please send isk and account information and I will start the transfer process.

No contact from trouble man so if anyone else wants to match the 4.0b buyout offer, she’s yours!

hello, 3.5b, isk ready

3.5b buyout accepted. send isk and account details.

Another day, another no-show bidder,

Cancelling sale.

I want it. Can I buy it?

Got an offer?

And isk?

Sale cancelled.

Don’t bid if you don’t want toon.


ISK and email have been sent. Let me know when the transfer is complete

Confirmed isk received. Will transfer to account in mail.

Transfer started. Sorry for the delay!

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