WTS 5M SP / 322K Unallocated, Alpha Gila Pilot

Alpha Gila pilot. Skills for Worm are also decent. Greater Omega starter, or perfect alt to drop on an Alpha account.
5M SP, 322K SP unallocated.

  • Positive wallet.
  • No kill rights.
  • In only jump clone.
  • Annual remap available now + 2 bonus remaps.
  • Can be in Jita IV-4 for character transfer (currently near Dodixie).
  • In NPC Corp.

Password: gila

Toon has light missile specialization for rapid lights, and a focus on medium drones. Light drone and medium missile skills are not bad.

i can offer 3b

Noted. I will wait to see if anyone else expresses interest in the toon. I think I sold my last toon too soon.

Pilot has Thermodynamics if anyone is looking for a toon that can grow into PvP.

i may be prepared to make an offer, i’d like to chat with you ingame when you’re on.

I rarely log in with this toon, but we can try to schedule a time to talk. My timezone is basically Australia. I try to be up early, but that does not always work out.

will do 3.1B now if you begin transfer as stated in game.

I guess I can do 3.1B and get back to real life.

ISK Sent, do i need to give you an account to transfer to? how does this work?

Yes, I think I need the account to transfer to. This is only my second time selling a toon.

account information and isk have been sent, awaiting transfer

Transfer initiated. I think it takes a day to go through.

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