WTS 5mil sp Alpha Gila Pilot


Never ended up using this one so I’m just going to sell it

  • 1 remap, 2 bonus remap
  • positive wallet
  • in jita 4-4
  • 4.986.734 sp at time of posting

Don’t waste both of our time by offering less than transfer cost plz

4.4bill 2hrs from now

I’ll offer 4.5b

@Adeena_Starfire I will accept this. Please send isk and account name to this character.

4.6bil right now

@HeyYouNotYouYou Alright sure send isk and account name

ISK and account name sent ingame

Recieved. Transfer started.

my account have already 1 ongoing character transfer…if will not work now please try again after 10hrs :slight_smile:

It seems to have gone through from my end. Let me know, if there’s any issues contact me ingame on Cnda Adian.

Hey that’s not nice … you accepted my offer first!

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