WTS 5mil SP 2008 Gila/VNI Pilot

Thinking of selling this character as he doesn’t see a lot of use
Open to offers

He’s currently in jita
Positive wallet etc

1 yearly remap + 3 bonus remaps
Legacy attribute point
SP is currently : 4.453.221 SP, 446.581 Free SP, for a total of 4.9mil

4.5b isk ready now

5b b/o

I’ll keep taking bids overnight and sell the highest bid tomorrow, will probably be on a few hrs earlier than now

@Coastel send me isk and an account name and I’ll start the transfer

Are you online ingame

I will contact you from Cnda Adian ingame

Isk and account info sent.

Sorry for the delay
I have requested the transfer: SUPPORT REQUEST #847426
Contact me on discord @CaFi#6098 if there are any issues

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