WTS 2008 7mill sp VNI (sold)

7 mill sp
2008 character
no Corp history
1 yearly and 3 bonus remaps
Positive wallet
Located in jita
Caldari frig/destroyer/cruiser LVL 5
7bill b/o no offers that is what I want for it.



I will offer 5.2B

Thanks for the bid but looking for more…

6bill offer

Bit more and he’s yours. I’ll pay by card btw (transfer fee)

6.2 bil b/o

Feel that’s close but will wait for more as a clean 10 year old character with 7mill sp is hard to come by.

6.4bil ?

6.6 I think is the very lowest I would take.

i agreed. deal

Ok send isk and account info to this character and give me around 10 mins and I’ll start the transfer by card.

Need your account info by in game mail I have received the isk

account info and isk sent

Please confirm the account is correct

replyed ingame

Transfer has started. Should be with you in 10 hours. Thank you.

I’ve stupidly left the isk on the character I have put a ticket in and sent you an in game mail from the character to send the isk to if the ISD hasn’t sorted it by then.

OK. I will return ISKs to you when I get access to the character, if ISD does not intervene earlier.

Ok thank you o7