[SOLD] WTS 2008 character - 40M SP


WTS my character -

Located in Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
500,000 ISK and no assets.
No kill rights
No Jump Clones
0 unallocated SP

25 B o.n.o

Need to wait 4 hours before sending isk.

OK, Im off to work but will start proceedings later. Cheers

26B b/o

I’ll go 27b as I’ve been outbid.

28b b/o

30b b/o.

31b b/o


I’ll remain as a backup at 31b.

OK, 33 bill to Pep Potts.
Ill start proceedings on receipt of ISK.

Well done Pep!

33 bill,
You win.

I’ll send the isk in a few hours. I’m outside right now.

Isk and details sent

The transfer has started, thank you.

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