SOLD. WTS 41.5mil SP Character

Can fly All frigs, Assault Frigs, good gunnery/tanking skills. Also Cov Ops, Orca and Freighter.

Docked In Jita,
Positive Wallet.
Remap Available,
No Kill Rites,
In NPC Corp.
3 Jump Clones all located in HS

All rules apply. I will pay transfer fee.

Starting bid - 30b,
BO - 40b

31B offer

Thankyou, but I will await to see if there are further offers.

A little bump.

32B offer

Sold to the man who looks a bit like a Klingon…Lord Ashitaka.

Pls send isk and account details and I will initiate transfer

Isk sent, account details sent ingame.

Transfer in Progress

Thanks, I’ll check back in 10 hours to confirm

Transfer completed, thanks

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