(Kamau) #1

Now Sold

(Kuro Kuros) #2

31 b offer :slight_smile:

(Kamau) #3

sorry wrong pilot was linked. edited and corrected. My apologies

(Kuro Kuros) #4

32b given your focused skills :slight_smile:

(Kamau) #5

Increase your offer to 33B and you have a deal

(Kuro Kuros) #6

How about we meet at 32.5b? :slight_smile:

(Kamau) #7

ok. sold. 32.5B isk accepted. send me the isk and account name. Once received ill start the transfer and post transfer in process message here

(Kuro Kuros) #8

Money and acc info sent

(Kamau) #9

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Kamau

Will be completed after: 7/22/2017 10:25:57 AM

If you did not initiate this character transfer, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

(Kuro Kuros) #10

Character recieved is entirely different character with 400k SP, seems like a scam. Will be writing a ticket.

(Kamau) #11


I just logged in and saw what you were talking about. My apologies, I have a support ticket in to get this corrected. Ticket number below. If CCP doesn’t fix I will make another transfer and eat the extra $20 to make this right.

wrong character transferred
16 hours ago

(Kuro Kuros) #12

Alright, gotcha. I will wait to see how it goes. Mistakes happen, after all.

(Kamau) #13

Thanks for understanding. Truly not trying to scam you.

(Kuro Kuros) #14

It happens, I saw people get scammed before, so got worried. Maybe overreacted, sorry :slight_smile:

(Kamau) #15

No worries, I would have reacted the same way. :slight_smile:

(Kamau) #16


In the interest of trying to get this thing finalized for both of us I’m just going to do a second transfer. Please reply here once character is received.

(Kuro Kuros) #17

Hello! I got the character, all as advertised. Thank you very much!