36b offer

Ignoring lowballs

40B offer ,I think the price is very honest

40b is barely above extraction value but offer noted.

Bump, character still up for now.


42b offer noted, keeping up for now not in too much of a rush.

50 billion if we can make it happen this weekend. :handshake:

Will accept your 50b offer.
I won’t be at my main PC for the day but will be able to transfer tomorrow if that works for you.

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I am out and about today as well, but will confirm by sending the ISK when I return home tonight. Probably 8 hours from sending this.

ISK sent. Account information has been sent in an Evemail.

Character transfer started to requested account.
Please confirm the transfer, thanks and pleasure doing business.

Character Name: Raeline Alnora

Will be completed after: 5/29/2022 1:58:07 AM

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