Character is sold, nothing to see here.
Thanks for the interest!

45 bil - fair price

Thank you for the interest, but I am not willing to entertain offers below 50b.


hey kid
Wanna uphold the law with 500k torp volleys come April 15th? Buy this character, load up your Nyx with 4 Cyclopses and drop sick Heavy Fighters V torps on whichever poor fortune is at the other end of your sensors.



48.5b offer

50b offered

Noted, if it stands for 22 hours from your post I will accept it.

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I am willing to accept your offer, you can send the ISK to this character. Send her a PM in-game with which account you want the character transferred to, and as soon as I see it I will start transfer.

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isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

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ISK recieved, transfer initiated.

Thank you very much!

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