Thie toon is already sold!

155 bil

Thanks for the bid but too low. Daily bump!

Daily bump!

Daily Bump!

Wallet balance? Kill right? Location?

Hello. 170 bil BO offer. Please let me know

/!\ back for sale!! (thanks for your understanding)

@Blackwood_Asanari thanks for your offer, but too low

@USS_OMAHA wallet balance is positive and he’s stand in Amarr actually

Okay then I am ready to pay its price 190 bil. Please confirm you are ready to sell it for this price. Also it requiers for me a day to collect the rest of amount ( just to let you know).

It’s ok for 190B to @Blackwood_Asanari !
Tell me when you have the money and we proceed as fast as we can!

We gonna proceed like this.

You can transfert ISKs on this toon and your account information (by eve mail).
Confirm here when it’s done, and when I’m log, I start the transfer immediately!

Thanks. I am still on and almost found the rest. Sending you the mail with details, and once I send the money will wait for the transfer

Isks have been sent. Awaiting for the character transfer

ISK recieved! and this toon has started his trip to your account!

Thanks for all and fly safe!

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