I’m selling myself.


  1. No kill rights
  2. Positive wallet
  3. +5 learning implants
  4. Currently located in Amarr.
  5. In a NPC corp
  6. Has PI skills to help support as an alt.
  7. Has dread skills injected and working towards Naglfar.

Bidding starts at 13b - Buyout at 15b. I will pay the 10h transfer fee.

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Can you tell me pw?

Yeah sorry forgot it had a password. Turns out it’s just 1234

cant do 13 but starting you of at 11.5B

It’s a start but I’m not going to accept an offer that low. Thanks for the interest though

Still selling this character. Training is on going so price may increase overtime.

i will give you 13B

Thanks for the bid. We’re getting closer to where I’d be happy selling.
At the moment I am waiting for another character to transfer to this account so I will wait until then and see if the is any further bids.

Daily bump. Other character still not transferred so still looking for bids.

Buyout lowered to 16b.

Bump. Still selling. Any bids above 13b welcome. Get a decent tackle alt with naglfar skills injected

Buyout lowered to 15.5b. SP now at 17.7m

Daily bump. Buyout 15b

Still selling. Current bid 13b, B/O 15b

I’ll offer 13 bil B/O

Already had an offer of 13b.

Still selling. 15b b/o

I accept the 15 BO


Confirmed. Send the ISK today with account details and I’ll begin the transfer