WTS 4.8mil SP Gila char

Simple gila pilot I had planned to use for abyss but since changed my mind
+Nice missile skills
+Nice drone skills
+2 Bonus Remaps
+Currently spec for int/mem

The character has 4.791.000 sp at the time of this post, of which 375,000 is free sp

Wallet positive
Located in Jita 4-4

2B buyout.

offer 3B !


offer 4B


bump :hamburger:

4.5 bil, have isk now.

5B Ready.

That sounds fine. If you mail me account name and send the isk I will petition for the transfer.

I will be onljne in 2 hours, I will send the mail + isk right away

Isk and account details have been mailed to you ingame.
Please initiate the transfer

Kind regards

This is Argo Holding (Argo Holding was biomassed to make room =) )

This has taken alot longer then I had initially anticipated, so now I am in the middle of another character transfer,
which means from this post on you will not be able to transfer your character to me for another 10hours

I am hoping in 10 hours you will be online to transfer me the character…
Kind Regards, Argo

Sorry for the delay, I forgot to check the thread this morning.
I have submitted the transfer petition now, as it will likely take longer than 10 hours until CCP gets to it.


Wait what?
Mate cancel that ticket…

You don’t need to contact CCP, You can simply transfer your character in your account management…

Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I am transferring the character via plex. Transfers of this nature are done by a CCP gm manually, and typically take about 1-2 days, though during especially busy times (holidays for example) they can take longer.

You could have mentioned that yeah…

But it’s no problem, let’s hope they handle the ticket swiftly =)
Kind regards

You’re probably looking around 3-7 days delay

Hmm, I’ve sold many characters this way, 1-2 days is a pretty accurate timeframe from my experience. The longest I’ve ever seen was during christmas last year, which took 8 days, but it’s usually done next day during CCP’s working hours, but sometimes day after, it all depends when the petition goes in.

@Argonath1337 Kassenity is my character and this is my main account for trading. If there’s any issues or you want to cancel the sale, you can evemail Kassenity, evemail or poke me ingame on this character, or contact me on discord @CaFi#6098. Again I apologize for not clearly stating I was doing the transfer by plex.

Confirming character recieved. Thank you