SOLD Female Barge IV DST Gila 5.5m 3.4b read inside

Hi, i was finishing a character to do otther things but the recent changes in industry make me unsub because is the only character in the account and go to expire tomorrow.

I in high sec, all cp rules apply, positive wallet and no kill rights.

Selling this :

  • Gallente industrial V , dst in less than an hour if you put the book.
  • Gila capaple
  • Mining Barge IV
  • +4 implants

For my objectives i only was planning in up mining to V and then convert to prospect / endurance, but not see the case for hold her in this moment.

Edited : ready for transfer, was in the 10 hours rule when i post.

intersted answer the thread, not reading eve mail.

saturday Bump


No sorry, youy can get an extra injector. If u want i can extract 500k points and sell you as 5m points at 3, but no busines in do so as 5.5m points

Ok I can do 3.4B but you need to wait 18 hours cos I’m at work. I’m a firefighter so can’t escape the long work shifts

Dont worry. i Wait

today bump, waiting for you.

The buyer dont show, the pilot is available at 3.4b

I can do 3.4 Bill. If your up for doing it mail me in-game :slight_smile:

Agree to sell myself, but i am in work, i can transfer aprox in 10 hours…

Send me the isk and account name, and i transfer as soon i can and update the thread then.

Replied. Username and Isk sent :smiley:

Thanks, i transfder when in home, aprox 5 hours pass this moment.

Transfer done, please confimr when you receive the ccp mail in your account, i am a little sleepy and confirmation will bve good for my mental mind .


Received CCP email for character transfer

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