WTS 5m sp Gila pilot


Can use T2 medium drones and T2 light missile.

NPC corp
Located in highsec
Positive wallet
Neutral sec status
No kill right

Start: 4 bil
B/O: 5 bil

bump for the day.

bump again, lol

bump, updated.

bump again.

sorry, retracted

Bump again.

bump for today

4B,if ok,I will be online ASAP

Accepted, please send account info and isk.

should I connect you in game?

Ah, no need for that.
Just send isk to this character and account info via ingame mail plz.

OK,wait a minute,I will be online ASAP

the isk is ready,so are you online?

i am online.

isk received, still need your account name.

both received, transfer initiated.

OK,have hun

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