WTS 5m sp Gila pilot

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #1


Can use T2 medium drones and T2 light missile.

NPC corp
Located in highsec
Positive wallet
Neutral sec status
No kill right

Start: 4 bil
B/O: 5 bil

Wtb focused gila char
(Anninen Koskanaiken) #2

bump for the day.

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #3

bump again, lol

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #4

bump, updated.

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #5

bump again.

(Jonathan Bercow) #6

sorry, retracted

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #7

Bump again.

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #8

bump for today

(Scarletphoenixs) #9

4B,if ok,I will be online ASAP

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #10

Accepted, please send account info and isk.

(Scarletphoenixs) #11

should I connect you in game?

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #12

Ah, no need for that.
Just send isk to this character and account info via ingame mail plz.

(Scarletphoenixs) #13

OK,wait a minute,I will be online ASAP

(Scarletphoenixs) #14

the isk is ready,so are you online?

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #15

i am online.

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #16

isk received, still need your account name.

(Anninen Koskanaiken) #17

both received, transfer initiated.

(Scarletphoenixs) #18

OK,have hun

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