WTS 5m SP gila pilot

5m SP toon. located in HS. can fly gila. Was used as a Null sec ratter

EveSkillboard - Anatha

Cybernetics 3
1750 Unused skill points
positive vailet
no implants
0 kill right
npc Corp

2.5 bil starting bid

4 bil b/o

please provide a link for skillboard


Please amend your post with all the relevant information needed or I will close the thread. Thank you.


Bump :cold_face:


2.5bil offered

noted. I’ll give it a day and if nothing I’ll accept the 2.5bil

2.5b offer accepted

Perfect will send isk when I’m home later :+1:

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sounds good

Isk and mail with account info for transfer sent :slight_smile:

Transfer started


Confirming I’ve received transfer of the Character

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