WTS 7,5m SP Gila toon 8b b/o

Link to Character sheet

Drone interfacing V
T2 Heavy missiles
T2 Light missiles
T2 Rockets
Missile support skills at IV
Able to run lvl IV missions with Caldari Navy, Home Guard and Spacelane patrol (the last two give 4 level 4 agents in two systems)

Currently in 24 hour stasis period for leaving my own corp. (will be done by the end of the auction)
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Positive sec status


I’ll bid 6b

Daily bump.
Now in NPC corp

Another bump bites the dust!

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sorry about that but 7b is my highest bid…

I need this kind of character in hurry, and I reached the start bid
If this bid is acceptable please let me know in 24h, ohterwise I will cancel this bid

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7.25b b/o

Lowering the buyout to 8B. Are you interested in giving a little more?

sorry not willing to go higher, will be home in 12 hours (at work now) if you change your mind.

Sorry offer withdrawn, I am looking at a different alt type. My apologies.

Still up for sale bump!