WTS Gila Pilot 28.8 Mil SP


  • Good Name: WantedForNot
  • Birth Date: 15.01.2011
  • Sec. status: 2.9
  • Wallet: positive
  • No Killrights
  • Full High-grade Nirvana 3.6 kkk
  • Skins for ships for 2 ккк
  • Located in HighSec NPC station Jita 4.4
  • Good drone, Engineering, Armor, Shield skils
  • I pay transfer
  • b/o 25
    Waiting for your suggestions!
    Fly safe!


I can offer 16b.
Sorry to tell you, you will never meet your b/o

Otherwise free bump

Thank you for your suggestion, let’s see what happens next. BO is just a desire, but as we say “Never speak never”





16.8B Offer - Today Only.



17B now. - have messaged u in-game

18.5bil before 2200 eve time.

I will be happy if one of you offers me 20 billion. And I will start the transfer

Meet me at 19.25 and ill do it. Im online now rdy to transfer.

20B is just too much for the SP of this Account - If it was more focused… then yes, but as it stands, Its safe to assume this is just extraction value.

I look forward to your actions. After the transaction I will start the transfer.

Is that a yes to 19.25?


It’s just not your character. Perhaps another is suitable for your purposes. To each his own. Thanks for your time and opinion.