30m focused SP to Nag (can fly onyx as well)
full Geno and Nag focused pod
2 bonus remaps
5.0 sec status
Positive wallet balance
No jump clones - will bring toon to Jita


35 bill, interested, sent you in game mail as well.

36 bill, interested

37b ,good pilot

msg in game to get this started

HMU in game

Still interested?

Reply me another account owner, clinch a deal over there, so sorry。

Still available! Next bid wins!


I’ve not heard back. Bidding is open! Make an offer!

Sent you an EVEmail Amellia, haven’t heard back :slight_smile:

AFK - what was the buyout you proposed?

35B since everyone else seems to be dropping like flies haha.
ISK is ready if you are.

I’ll be home in 3h and can initiate it then.

Perfect, I’ll send ISK and PM the account name.

Transfer complete. Thank you!

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