40m SP Nag/Munnin Pilot for sale

Confirming I am for sale

All forum rules apply
For sale Nag/Munnin pilot with good security status located in Jita 4-4 in NPC corp

More information here: EveSkillboard p/w 1234
35b buy out

Happy bidding

22bil to start off the bid.

23bil, to continue it.

Thank you for the bids, just a quick bump. Will call this to a close today.

@Jess_Because thank you for your bid, congratulations. Please send isk and an eve mail with the account information and I will start the transfer asap.

congrats @Jess_Because , wasnt at home so i couldnt outbid :frowning:

@Loleroler I haven’t gotten the isk yet, there’s still time :wink:

Well then im going to bid 24b

OK, thank you for the bid, please send isk and account information via eve mail and I will begin the transfer.

Isk and acc info sent :slight_smile:

Received and transfer begun. Thank you for your custom


Woke up to losing :frowning:
All good - if it falls through let me know and I’ll have isk ready to go

Character recieved, ty :slight_smile:

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