[SOLD] naglfar drednought 28M sp,100K unlocate sp

m dred 5
most gunnry skill 5
t2 siege and close to t2 gun
29B B/O

Need to confirm with Moise that he is for sale.

Are you interested?


ok i can confirm now, wait a second.

confirm to sell.

Please give the other information required by the character bazaar:

sec status
wallet balance (required to be positive)
kill rights

Also what method are you using to transfer

location JITA
positive wallet
no kill rights
-1.6 sec
if you 29b bo,then transfer by $20.

Rgr, give me a few minutes to get to my computer and to log in.

i’m interested in the pilot if it still for sale

yes , you can bid now.I don’t know Dodge Duster would likeoffer how much, but if you can offer a bo price,we can make the deal.

I am B/O for 29b. Isk and account info sent.

isk and account got, processing transfer.

Well i would remove my interest as Dodge Duster was first to met the B/O however, if you have another pilot i would be interested. also if Yun Said is up for sale then i might be interested in that pilot due to its interesting name

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/mrkiddoo_ASH how about this one.

The pilot isnt so focused, however, i’m interest or if you have any better pilots then that would be better. eve mail in game and hopeful we can work something out

transfer started.

the char i sent you have 3m unlocated sp, and i can offer you a good price.

and i made a mistake, I did’t transfer all isk to my another char, and if you recive the char, please transfer remaining isk to ranger odst. thx.