WTS T2 Phoenix Pilot - 61m SP


How about a bump?

Looks like you’re the winner. Please contact in game with account info and isk and I will begin transfer today.

Kind regards

@Ps_design_X , You still good to purchase or have you moved on?

I m sorry ,I was wrong. I need guns, not missiles

you should check out 40m SP Nag/Munnin Pilot for sale

If that guy who posted it for 35b wont contact u i’m willing to pay 35b for it


36 bil


37 bil


38 bil


Will close at 6pm EVE time today, thank you for the bids . . .

Any more for any more?

39 bil


40 bil

@Aston_Kotzebue thank you for your bid, congratulations. Please transfer ISK and send an eve mail with account information and I will initiate the transfer.

isk + info sent :slight_smile: