WTS 31m SP Phoenix Pilot [SOLD]


Positive wallet
Positive sec status
No kill rights
Located in Jita
2 Remaps available

Perfect for running CRAB sites - can use T2 shield booster, T2 siege, T2 rapid torp launchers

Starting at 23b

15B offer

Thank you for the offer Han Jaqobis but the starting bid remains 23b

20B offer

I’m wondering if I need a phoenix char, 21B offer

Sorry guys, not worth me paying the transfer fee above the extraction value for me - 23b minimum

23 bil

Thanks Beast - will leave 48hrs before I close


24 bil


25.5 bil

Thanks Beast

Any advance on 25.5? I will close this evening


Thanks guys - I’ve now accepted a private offer via evemail

what if I go higher?

Sorry man - accepted a private BO already

thats nice, ive been sitting here for 11 hours waiting for you to accept and you take a private one, o7 I guess

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