WTS Phoenix pilot 42m sp


no killrights, in jita, wallet 0

1remap avail, current remap is int/mem

caldari dread 5
xl torp spec 4
xl cruise spec 4
good missile support skills
good shield skills for phoenix
jump calibration 5
has caldari titan injected

has full mid-grade nomad set with 4 5% imps

has steel cardinal phoenix skin(780m in jita)
has raata sunset levi skin(2.4b in jita)

minimum 32.5b, will sell to first offer i like

33 bil.

accepted, send isk and acc name

Hey, it says you are still in a corp? You have to leave it before you can sell the character.

fixed and bump. char still for sale since buyer never sent the isk/details

Heya! Sorry for delay, isk and account details sent.

my bad i thought you were 2 different people there in the responses above,

isk recieved and petition made

Got the character, thank you!

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