WTS 75m Phoenix / Zirnitra Pilot [SOLD]


75.515.905 SP
All Jump Skills 5
Caldari Dreadnought, All Missiles meta skills, Torpedo Specialization, XL Torpedo Specialization, All Gunnery meta Skills, Capital Precursor Weapon 5

Caldari Dreadnought, Precursor Dreadnought, Minmatar Dreadnought, Minmatar Carrier, Caldari Carrier, Caldari Freighter, Capital Industrial Ships books injected.

Some nice skins for Phoenix / Zirnitra

High-Grade Nirvana Pod and Ca- Pod.

No Killrights
2 Bonus Remaps Available
Located in Jita 4/4

Can be closed by mods :slight_smile:

59 B B/O

60b :smiley:

61b ready to buy!!

62b :smiley:

65B B/O Isk rdy, But actively looking at other char’s.

75 Bil

Hey :slight_smile: thanks very much for that offer, I would be happy to accept it for 75b :slight_smile:


Apologies for the late reply, i was traveling. I have the ISK ready to send.

DW ! :slight_smile: If you are ready send the ISK to the character and send me a message with the Account info you want the transfer too !
I will start the transfer the moment I see the ISK and Info :slight_smile:

ISK and Account info sent

ISK recieved, Transfer just started :slight_smile: Thank you very much !
Hope you enjoy!

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